Welcome to my world..        DK.Snakes@Blueyonder.co.uk     
live in West Yorkshire (God's own county), England.                                     
       My speciality has always been breeding the various colour morphs of
       Corn snake, Elaphe guttata guttata.

A time comes in everyone's life when retirement looks like an interesting option, now it's my turn. To be free from the responsibilities and restrictions that any pet places upon it's owner I have now reluctantly sold all my snakes, racking and boxes. All that remains is my book collection, these I will list on my 'For Sale' page. I still have what little brain I always had, so feel free to email me your questions as usual.

      Why not 'drop in' and take a look?

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Having stumbled onto my site, you are entitled to know that it was last updated on
Tuesday the 23rd of April 2008.

This was my first attempt at a Web Site, forgive some of the faults, complain about any mistakes, it will get better as I progress. Email me with your recommendations for improvements to the web site, or with additions/corrections to our knowledge on Snake Keeping.
                                                                David Kershaw