- Lampropeltis getulus californiae

                                                Male                                 Female

      The result of selective breeding for several years, this is the most impressive pair we have produced to date. The ultimate goal is to produce an animal with evenly spaced arches (like those on the female) all the way along it's body.
ali kings are often classified as ideal beginners snakes. It is true that they are easy to keep and usually feed well but, they need handling fairly often to maintain an even temperament. The albinos seem to be short sighted and tend to react to movement. This can result in an accidental bite now and again, but it is seldom an aggressive act and the snake always seems apologetic afterwards. It is wise to remember that Cali kings are partial to the odd snake now and again. Don't be tempted to keep more than one in your vivarium.

David Kershaw       

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