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Never ask a man if he comes from Yorkshire. If he does he will tell you. If he does not, why humiliate him? 

      Having spent Jubilee week in London. Visited the Palace (as a guest of the Queen) for the classical music concert. Watched part of the pop concert on the screens in the Mall. Photographed the fireworks display from the top of the London Eye and sung Land of Hope and Glory with (and in the middle of) over 1,000,000 people as Concord and the Red Arrows flew overhead. I now know why I'm proud to be British and a Monarchist!

   Like most Yorkshire men, I'm proud of being British. It is inexcusable to be ignorant of the words to the National Anthem. To correct this fault in your education just click on the flag. Don't get the wrong idea, I consider myself a European, think that any form of racialism is idiocy and feel sorry for everyone that is born outside Yorkshire. I was brought up to believe all men are equal, to be willing to die for ones country and to commit treason for a friend. 

Following this theme of self identification, my favourite Poem is?

I'm also developing my art photography business, so if you are feeling masochistic click on the picture of me with horns!

Should you be feeling lonely, depressed or just plain bored, click on the mouse at the top of the page ;o).